Tepco's shareholder's general meeting : Hard-live reversal of Tepco to reject Tokyo's shareholder proposal for the corporate revival

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 27.06.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/06/0004574

Mr.Masafumi Asada who was plowing his field in Fukushima at the moment of the accident is one of the shareholder of Tepco. He propose to "compensate the victims by standing on their position" = June 27, 9am in Yoyogi : Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
Yesyerday it was the lower house plenary session's vote for "Bill to increase the consumption tax rate" and today it's Tepco's shareholder's general meeting. People in Japan were shown the monstrous figure of organizations who suck warm blood of people to continue to live in successive days. Naoki Inose, the vice-governor of Tokyo (Tokyo metropolitan is the largest shareholder of Tepco) made the stockholder proposal. From what Inose pointed out we can see the symptoms of Tepco and Japanese Government remarkable similarities. Mr.Inose, before talking about the details of the stockholder proposal said: "Tokyo Metropolitan is the biggest user of electricity with 50,000,000,000 yens per year… (An omission) It's important for New Tepco to show the management transparency and to accept the accountability to rebuild trust". We can make replacement like this. 
Tokyo Metropolitan shareholder proposal are below ―――
"Introducing the competition principle and supply the inexpensive and stable electricity and to put the service for client as a first mission "to the corporate identity. But Tepco have so many properties and companies which are not related to the electricity business. For example dealings in real estates, accommodation facilities, Worker Dispatching Undertakings, non-life insurance business etc. (There's 127 companies by the research of Tokyo Metropolitan. Tepco's executives and employees enter those companies as AMAKUDARI.) Those companies should be sold.
The Japanese government also have so many organizations for AMAKUDARI. Prime land in Tokyo Metropolitan they have land and official residences.
▼"Information discovery of electricity price". Add it to the company contract to obtain the management transparency so that third party can verify it.
When Resona Bank got public fund, the employees were not payed the bonuses for 4 times. Japan Airlines didn't pay Bonus for 3 times. Tepco didn't pay bonus only once in this summer.
When we submit the right-to-know request to the Government, often they just give us the black painted document. (Expensive electricity price) The salary of officials managed by the tax of people is often higher than big private business. 
▼"Introduce the competition principle for business investment". The electricity companies need enormous facilities. But the ancillary contracts and the limited business operators became continuous. By using international reference materials and call for bids to refuse the cost. 
Close resemblance to the business of government-affiliated corporations. Only the ancillary contracts and family business enterprises can climb aboard.
Replacement of aging heat power plant by using private enterprises. 

Shareholder's general meeting was held in a giant gymnastic hall of more than 10000 capacity venue. = Gymnastic hall at Tokyo's National stadium. Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka

It was The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan (FEPC) and The Federation of Electric Power Related Industry Worker's Union of Japan. Government officials to AMAKURADI to the electric companies and to the related organizations of electric companies with million dollar salaries. There's a strong metal triangle between them. It's not strange that the electric companies and the government's carrying bases quite resemble to each other. And the Kisha Club (Reporter's club in Japan) get their leftovers. The source money comes from the most highest cost of electricity in the whole world which is payed by people. Tokyo Metropolitan's shareholder proposal were all rejected with majority disagree. Tepco has no intension to rebuild trust. The Government who cheated the voters as if they were nothing and Tepco who doesn't take their responsibility regarding the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear accident. The common concept of them is "Squeeze money from people".

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka 

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