Everyone! I already told it to the Ministry of the Environment.

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I post again the article i posted on April 27 under the title: "Black Substance as an aggregate of radioisotopes". The other day when a member of the Diet visited Minamisoma City, he said that he had a meeting with an official beforehand but he got no information about it.

What happened to the Ministry of the Environment?

I exchanged business card with three officials when they came for an assembly on april 26. I sent emails but they never answered.

This is my mail :

To  Mr.Taku Ômura (Chief of Fukushima Office at Environmental Restoration of The Ministry of the Environmental), 
      Mr. Yukiharu Kouso (Chief of Branch Office at Hamadori of Environmental Resotoration of The Ministry of the Environmental), 
      Mr. Aha  (Chief of Branch Office at Hamadori of Environmental Resotoration of The Ministry of the Environmental)

Well done for the committee meeting of Mimanisoma city assembly yesterday.
I'm Koichi Oyama, an official of Minamisoma City.
I send you additional informations about the black substance we talked about yesterday. 
There are a bacterium type which likes to absorb the radioactive substance in exuberance everywhere on the paved surfaces in the residential area and at  residential houses and they drifts on the side walks, on parkings and on the road.

Cesium for example is highly radioactive and yesterday i saw the result of analysis of Japan Chemical Analysis Center which contain fluid, they found plutonium and strontium in every samples.
Those algae types are the real aggregate of radioisotopes.

I think we are exposed to the radiation internally by aspirating it.
Different from the sampling of Fukushima City and Yamagata City, the sampling of the dust from Minamisoma City is fake and is not viable.
The Citizen group demand the emergency repossess inside the residential area but the city pretends not to see it.
The map of becquerel of algae and the map of alpha rays are already prepared.
Please take a look at the account record of the specialist.
April 27 2012
Koichi Ôyama

The office staff picked up the sand without knowing what they were doing in the east side of the residence area on the snowy day and there was too much water in it to use it as a sample.
They mesured without drying it. So in real, if it was the value of the dried sample, if it was a serious sample, the value will jump in some digit.
There's a doubt about the possibility that the anti disaster headquarters didn't show the recorded account of March 30 from the analysis center just after and secreted as a dangerous information before the lift of the caution zone.I demand a re-examination.

The informations of city center detected by Minamisoma City
Total value of cesium 134 and 137

      Bq/kg-dry     Place of extraction                             Sample
1,320,000   Haramachi District, Ushigoe         algae types 
1,960,000   Kashimaku District, Jisabara         algae types 
5,570,000   Odaka District, Kanaya                   algae types 
16,200       Haramachi District, Kunimi              soil
793,000     Odata District, Kamimachi               algae types
430,000     Odata District, Motomachi               algae types
583,000     Odata District, Motomachi               algae types
2,970,000 Odata District, Kanaya                     algae types / soil 
522,000    Odata District, Kanaya                     cattle dung

I wonder how many plutonium and strontium are inside those highly radioactive substances?
They are trodden and they are blown off in the residential area but The Ministry of Environmental and Minamisoma City and the police and the healthcare center are all ignoring it.
I asked to the section leader of the emergency operations center about the question of the recorded account of the analysis center for example about the amount of water.
It was in the meeting organized by the city, so they called me. It was not noticed.
I told about my question but there was no answer for three weeks. And the public security of police started to ignore my phone calls.
I think i will collect the "Black substances and algae types" but there's nobody who can receive them.
Should i go to see the room of the mayor after the repossess all the more?
When the rainy season will begin they will start to grow thickly. When the rainy season will finish, they will release spores.
What about "maoi"*? 
What should i do? 

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

one of the famous summer festival called Souma-no-maoi is held at the city of Soma region in Japan every year in July. During the festival, millions of people attend Soma city to enjoy and experience the atmosphere of this festival.

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