Petitions against Japanese Government to burn radioactive debris all over Japan

Please sign the petition !!!! (also read the important articles about burning radioactive debris in Japan below the petition) 

Petition to protect Osaka

We stand against the plan of Osaka to burn radioactive debris !
Nous nous élevons contre le plan de brûler des déchets radioactifs à Osaka!  

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Petition to protect Kyoto

We stand against the plan of Kyoto to burn radioactive debris !
Nous nous élevons contre le plan de brûler des déchets radioactifs à Kyoto!  

((( 京都汚染瓦礫受け入れ反対オンライン署名 ))) 

Petition to protect KitaKyûshû

Pétition contre l'accueil et l'incinération de déchets radioactifs à Kita-Kyushu et Kyushu (extreme sud-ouest du Japon)

Important Links to know what will happen if Japanese Government burns the radioactive debris.

- Japan is Poisoning Other Countries By Burning Highly-Radioactive Debris


- Video : Arnie Gundersen speaks about the burning of radioactive debris in Japan.

- ENENews Forum : What should be done about Japan burning radioactive debris until at least March 2014? http://enenews.com/forum-about-japan-burning-radioactive-debris

- 8 things to know about the Japanese Government's Plan to spread tsunami rubble around the country
 ( by Please don't spread the rubble in Japan: a national and international movement to help the people of Japan!)

SBS: Shizuoka Broadcasting System,Japan Uploaded on May 09.2012
Translated by Jo2Rayden

The resident group opposed to earthquake rubble acceptance of Shimada city announced that the radioactive cesium concentration of incinerator circumference went up by test incineration in February 2012.  A citizen group Shizuoka radioactive contamination measurement room builds by a housewife of Shizuoka investigated the pine planted leaves in Shimada and Shizuoka city areas were extracted, the difference of radioactive cesium was compared before and after test incineration.The result was radioactive cesium increased by 30 percent at the place 500 meters away from the incinerator, higher at four places.  The group announced that a possibility that radioactivity may be spread by broader-based processing of earthquake disaster rubble. The group submit to the Ministry of Environment about 1200 persons' signature with request document on May 20.

Increased Cesium after incineration Data by Mr.Kono of Kyoto University Graduate school, Engineering Department:

Sur les déchets radioactifs au Japon en français 

Japon : la propagande des déchets par Alissa Descotes-Toyosaki  Les fleurs du printemps nucléaire

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