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“Many people recently die. It is the result of the radioactivity?”,“Sudden death is connected with radiation exposure?”, “Will many people die this year?”

I would answer to these questions with confidence, “That is sure” .There are many individuals who get access to my blog by typing “radioactivity” or “health damage” into a search engine. The following is search words and the number of searches in June 2014.

Since they find that they could no longer rely on the doctors or government, they would have no choice but to search Internet for the information.

The followings are the search words of serious situation since the middle of Dec 2012. Recently there are wide variety of illnesses in search words like “disorder of eyes” and “toothache”.

“leukemia, died in 3 days”
“age of 52, subarachnoid bleeding”
“wake up and suddenly die”
“suddenly being unconscious, feel cold”
“myocardial infarction, keel over and die”
“I woke up in the morning and found my brother had died”
“So many people recently die. It is because of radioactivity?”
“Does radiation exposure have something to do with sudden death?”
“My co-workers died after another”
“Why do many old people die?”
“Healthy people die unexpectedly of leukemia, why?”
“I have a sense of dread that I have a child”
“My husband suddenly died, subarachnoid hemorrhage”
“My husband is beginning to be concerned about radioactivity only recently”
“blindness, infant”
“radioactivity, dental pain”
“Will I die of exposure in the future if I continue to live here Tokyo?”
“north Kanto (around Tokyo), crematorium, 3 weeks wait”
“My acquaintance suddenly looked pale and died”
“Five-year-old child suddenly died”
“Although I am suffering from leukemia, bioclean room is always full”
“Sometimes I have an excruciating pain in my Adam's apple, what should I do?”
“I am butterfingered”

Young women, who were not interested in radiological problem, begin to see the abnormal changes around them and think that “Something is wrong…”. As no one let them know, they have no choice but to search Internet. I wish they could notice the danger of radioactivity much earlier… I can't help it.

Referring to population change of Ukraine after Chernobyl accident, the birth rate had been decreasing from the following year first. On the other hand, the mortality rate had been increasing slightly for an initial duration of 3 years. But, it had been increasing significantly after 4 years of Chernobyl accident.

Deadly health damages that occur in a short time after exposure are considered to be cardiac muscle damage and cerebral vascular disease. In Japan, I saw an upsurge in myocardial infarction so far. Cerebral infarction and subarachnoid hemorrhage are also , but they are relatively rare cases. Recently leukemia cases are increasing, and deaths from interstitial pneumonia, lung cancer, leukemia and brain tumors are likely increasing.

We can not do anything to cancel initial exposure now. You will develop these serious diseases sooner , if you do not make efforts to avoid exposure. I desire you to avoid internal exposure caused by contaminated food and drink. For you and people who rely on you.!

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