The Imperial General Headquaters again? A notice too simplistic ; the cesium contamination of Minamisoma might be amplified during removing the rubbles.

 Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City : http://mak55.exblog.jp/20907679/


'Sources recently learned that the radioactive fallout wasn't from the time of the accident'
What? I had to question the wording of this NHK report,  as radio-contamination of rice stalk planted in 2013 is obviously not of the accident in 2011.

Moreover, it concluded definitively that it was radiation spewing from Unit 3 during demolition work without suggesting other possibilities, and then just issued an irresponsible alert over the contamination.

The NHK report didn't give either details on the detected radioactive materials or microgram.
Neither did it mention the 'black thingy', which turned out to be bioaccumulation, or radioactive bird droppings.

From what basis was the cause decided to be air dose of Unit 3 during the demolition work, when the radioactive materials came out in clusters?

I felt 'oh no, not again'.
Radioactivity has been dispersed not only over the monitored rice paddy 23km away from the accident site but everywhere.

Death ashes obviously fell across the cities and roads, which keep being disturbed by the traffic.

Mass media brainwashing

I am going to contact Akaba vice minister of economy and industry, director of Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters, city mayor and chairman of Minamisoma tonight to provide evidence to the pollution dispersion.

NHK ducked the issue by asserting that 'one of the causes' is the demolition operation.


Death ashes are even attaching to the clothes...
NHK just made the whole story that the detected contamination was due to the demolition work and avoided the pollution dispersion issue. We call it information manipulation.

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