Dr. Shinzo Kimura

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Dr. Shinzo Kimura 

TV-lecture, April 22 : "To live a daily life in Fukushima"

June 14, 2011. CNIC News. : "radiation contamination" by Dr. Shizo Kimura (Medical Department of Hokkaido University, Dokkyou Medical University)

In above video, Dr. Kimura seems to consider an exposure within 5mSV/year acceptable. 
However, when he appeared in NHK-ETV program featuring a decontamination of Nihonmatsu, Fukushima, he intended to describe that the city would be still uninhabitable after decontamination, but NHK later edited his comment to conclude the reverse. He was very upset and now he distances himself from NHK. I expect that he will listen to the voices of parents of Fukushima who want to protect their children.

Dr. Kimura collects field data by himself and analyzes them.
He says that he is going to focus to examine the Strontium contamination.

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

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