Something is wrong with the plants

Original article from blog of Emiko Numauchi in Minamisoma on 19 May 2012: 
Since November last year, there's something strange about my plants in my garden.
At first the end of November "Camellia sasanqua" and "Taraxacum" bloomed at the same time.

Plants around died down. But somehow Taraxacum were blooming. And they were from the same roots / stump and the size was giant.
It used to be pink flowers every year. I selected and bought pink flowers but this spring white flowers bloomed.Around them, there's dropped flowers of "Camellia sasanqua" 
This is "Taraxacum without a flower ".
The yellow stick has a size of 5cm. I put it to compare the size to show you how giant this flower is.
Finally i only got four teeth. The three front upper teeth are artificial dentition. 
Since my birth i had a interspace between front teeth, when i became a teacher, i made artificial dentition to make them dense. My back teeth are also ceramic. 
A dentist who is my friend made my teeth as if it was a crash work. Now i got all upper teeth.Now i only have to do it for the lower teeth.
But how can this happen? How can my teeth become like that in only three months?I had two decayed teeth but my dental therapy was already finished on 11 March 2011. 
I got a water blister again on 23th March at the same place than before.
At first my skin becomes all red. That does not hurt and does not itch either.
This is my left leg thigh. The trace still reminds. 
At first it becomes red and then it will become a big water blister. 
Same thing as on my right hand up below although this one is on a bigger area.  

This is also "unknown etiology".
The dermatologists looked many medical books and said,
"Oh! This one looks like your symptoms! It must be the Vasculitis Syndrome!"
The doctor looked like a child who found out a treasure.
But there's no water blister for Vasculitis Syndrome. 
I spoked up and asked " What do you think about the effect of radiation?"
He could not accept this question: "That's not possible." 
The only thing doctors refuse to accept is that the effect of radiations could be the cause of all these symptoms.
This is the reality we live in Fukushima now.

Courtesy : Emiko Numauchi

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