2. Why such a rush to restart Ōi nuclear power plant? : Faithless MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology) denying to provide the informations of SPEEDI

original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 16.05.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/05/000大飯原発のある大島半島と本土をつなぐ青戸大橋。老朽化が進み新耐震基準を満たしていない。大地震が来たら崩壊の恐れもある。=おおい町。写真:筆者撮影=
Aoto bridge which connects mainland and Oshima peninsula in which Ôi nuclear power plant is located. It's decrepit and doesn't cover the new quake-resistance standards. If there is a great earthquake, it might collapse. = Ôi city : Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka

When TEPCO-Fukushima nuclear plant accident happened, residents tried to get out and there was traffic-jams everywhere. It was total panic. The only road which connects Oshima peninsula to the mainland is a narrow path. I have already drove there and it's just a two-lanes road over the sea. 
If there is a great earthquake and if the shoulder and the mountain surface is destroyed, residents will not be able to run away.On the 15th, an environmental group questioned: "Isn't it better to talk about the restart of a nuclear power plant after doubling the lanes of the road?"
Yoshito Nakajima, from NISA, answered as a government bureaucrat:
"We are going to continue to improve infrastructures."

When he was asked "Isn't it a precondition to restart nuclear power plant ?" 

He just answered " It's not a precondition for that." 
Aoto Bridge (photo) between the mainland and Oshima peninsula is so dilapidated and it will soon become 40 years old and it doesn't cover the new security standards. This year the budget was accepted for the construction of anti-seismic reinforcement but it will take 3 years to be completed. 
If there is a great earthquake and a nuclear accident happens and the bridge is destroyed, residents will have to take a detour to the west. It will take them more time to get out. Residents who were present shouted with a sad voice "If the bridge is broken, the residents living in Oshima peninsula will be isolated !" 
Nakajima from NISA continued: "We don't postulate for bridge falling. We are also considering an evacuation drill from the ocean". 
He just invented a specious excuse for the occasion to patch things up for the moment.
The budget for reinforcement work was accepted because the bridge can't cover the quake-resistant standards. 
He talked about evacuating residents from the sea but what if the ocean is rough? 
Kasumigaseki bureaucrats response as if it doesn't concern them at all. 15th May at Members' office building of House of Councillors of Japan : photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
What we should never forget about the Fukushima nuclear plant accident is that Japanese government didn't informed us about the datas from SPEEDI at the beginning of the accident. Uninformed residents run away to the direction where the radiations were flying apart. 
Iidate Mura tragedy is symbolic.

Although we still got an interrogation if Japanese government will release SPEEDI datas, rapidly or not, it became obvious that they are trying to restart Ōi nuclear power plant. 
MEXT noticed, "We will show the SPEEDI data inside the zone of 30km from Ōi nuclear power plant." It was on the 3rd February.

Shiga Prefecture, which got region inside the zone 30km, was eagerly waiting for it.
Although they waited and waited it didn't came up.
On 7th April, they asked at MEXT and were told: "We are still preparing to create the document so we can't give it to Shiga Prefecture yet." 
There was still a small hope.
But yesterday 15th May, MEXT sent a notice which was saying that "Shiga Prefecture is not under the condition".
Mizuho Fukushima SDP Chief demanded: "You won't give any information until the day when the Nuclear Regulatory Agency will be established and Prefectures who can obtain the informations of SPEEDI to be extend*?"
Keisuke Okamura from Nuclear Safety Division of MEXT just answered "Yes". He looked defiant and even said that "SPEEDI and restarting the nuclear power plant has no relations".

They gave us a little hope and then threw us away, like a bad boy playing with an innocent girl. The Lake Biwa, in Shiga Prefecture, is an important water resource for the Kansai area.
Until the information of SPEEDI will start to be provided, we can't let Ōi nuclear power plant restart.

This is the only hope for the residents of Kansai area.

If the Japanese government takes no measures, neither "secure the road for evacuation" nor " open the informations of SPEEDI immediately " it means they did not learn anything from the Fukushima nuclear accident.If Ōi nuclear power plant restarts and if the accident happens, again there will be so many residents who will be exposed to radiations.

* Now there's 19 Prefectures, after the Nuclear Regulatory Agency will be established there will be 24 Prefectures. 

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka

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