2. Radioactive Debris : Using police forces, reject the residents and brought in the radioactive debris

original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 22.05.2012  http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/05/0004341


The residents tried to stop the heavy trucks coming inside the city jostled with police forces. = May 22 5h30 PM at Hiaritsumoruizuru Base in Kita kyûshû City Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
PM Noda, his Cabinet and Kenji Kitahashi's position that they are indifferent to their own appearance came to be obvious. They just want to burn the radioactive debris for the first time in western Japan by any means necessary. On may 22, Kitakyûshû City called out the police forces and overrided the rebellion of the residents to install the radioactive debris at the incinerator plant of the city.
The day the carry-in entrance of Hiari incinerator plant (strictly :  Hiari tsumoru izuru Base*) where 80 tons of radioactive debris were accepted, the residents who are against the burning of the radioactive debris were not invited. They kept glaring at each other with the police forces since early morning. Around 2 pm the deadlocked situation was moved slightly. Police forces started to reject people by force. They also arrested two citizens who were obstructing executive officers. They started to keep glaring at each other once again. Six heavy trucks loaded with the radioactive debris were impatiently waiting on a line to enter. Young people started to sing folk songs next to the foot of the police squad who put pickets and there was a imperceptible comfortable atmosphere in the emotional tension. There was also a woman who chanted the holy sutra called Hannya-Shingyo on bended knees in front or the gate. "When it comes to this, we have to relay on Buddha" she said with a rueful face as if she was mumbling to herself. 
A woman ( to the right )continued to chant Hannya-Shingyo but she was also rejected by the police force= Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
Passed 5 pm the situation moved in a large way. The police forces sent beefed unit. It made the picket much stronger.People tried to stop the heavy trucks and the police squad pushed them back by force. The trucks went in-plant one by one. It passed by like a flash. "You are helping the murder" a man blamed police detestably. A minute away from the incinerator plant is the central wholesale market of Kitakyûshû City. It's the kitchen for citizens in Kitakyûsyû City. It's a natural feeling for citizens who are worry about internal exposure of children to be against burning radioactive debris. At 6.30 pm Environmental Agency of Kitakyûshû City held a explanatory meeting because as nothing was really explained to the citizen despite their demand. One hour later the radioactive debris were brought in the city.
(strictly: Hiari tsumoru izuru Base*) Normally used as a pickup site for the burned ashes to stow on the ships for final disposal. This time radioactive debris will be placed temporary. Radioactive debris will be burned mixed with general wastes at incinerator plant next door from May 23.

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka

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