NAIIC ( National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission ) : Banri Kaieda Former Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry showed distrustfulness to Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan and Tepco

original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 18.05.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/05/0004321
Banri Kaieda Former Economy, Trade and Industry Minister taking his seat. NAIIC started to investigate Diet Lawmakers as witness. : 17 May at  at  Members' office building of House of Councillors of Japan Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka 

NAIIC who investigates the cause of the accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant did the hearing of Banri Kaieda who was the Minister of  Economy, TRade and Industry on the17th. The distrustfulness for Former PM Kan and Tepco was there from the beginning to the end of the defense. 
The top priority for Tepco is its economic potential and margin of security is a smaller issue.

Commissioner  Shuya Nomura asked: "What was the reason Tepco waited to inject sea water?"
Kaieda answered, " Since in the early stages we thought of decommissioning of reactor but Tepco didn't release statement like that."
At this stage of the accident, Tepco was thinking of reusing the reactor. What a miserliness...

For the injection of sea water, it was the Prime Minister and his Cabinet who ordered to stop it because of the possibility of recriticality. But the plant manager Masao Yoshida continued to inject sea water without telling it to the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. 
"Do you think manager Yoshida took the right decision ?"
Kaieda answered, "As a result, it was good that he didn't stop it." It means that he accepted that the PM and his Cabinet's interruption was wrong. 
It has been told that the PM and his Cabinet forced Tepco to vent the reactor but Kaieda said, "I thought even in such a situation  they didn't want to vent the plant to make the accident look smaller?- But i was wrong."  
"Tepco created 2 groups of suicide squad. It was just for the PM and his Cabinet could give an order to push a company to vent the reactor rather than the opposite. "
"I was still anxious that they hadn't vent the reactor. But there was still the idea to make the accident look smaller. There were two thoughts and we did so."

Mr Kaieda sometimes looked up the ceiling and sometimes looked down while the hearing. Couldn't he support a painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy of guilt? = Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka

It is said that just after the accident, Tepco said to PM & his Cabinet that they wanted to "retreat everybody" but Chairman Katsumata said it was not true on the 14th at NAIIC. Kaieda testified, "I received a phone call from Shimizu the Former president of Tepco. He said that he wanted to retreat from Fukshima Dai-ichi (Unit 1) to Fukushima Daini (Unit 2). I thought that it meant "Everybody retreats". Later i heard that President Shimizu also called the Chief Cabinet Security Edano. 
If everybody retreats there the situation will get worse, and East part of Japan will be destroyed, people who are at the plant have to do their best. Let's go to Tepco and make Integrated Response Office".

It has been already pointed out that the former PM Naoto Kan's orders made a chaos in the site. Commissioner Shunya Nomura brought out the story told by a staff of the site.
"PM Kan called us at the site several times a day. He was telling things like why a plane can fly? What should we do to make it not to fall? The staff said it was just annoying. "
Commissioner Katsuhiko Ishihara asked: "They are talking about to restart nuclear power plant but there's so many earthquakes in Japan. How can we be completely sure of the security?" 
By the response of Kaieda we could see the cross-section surface of the accident. 
"There's also the possibility of risks of human error. When i went to Onagawa, an engineer of Tohoku Electric Power told me, We only have four nuclear reactors. We are operating each reactor carefully. Tepco has more than ten. So probably they did not pay enough attention to each reactor like we did."

Tepco,who got his top priority on benefit caused the accident. Then self-assertive and incompetent Premier Minister spread the accident. The testimony of Kaieda the Former Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry showed the context of that time.

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka

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