1.The day the radioactive debris were burned in Kyushu for the first time

original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 23.05.2012  http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/05/0004347
Radioactive debris arrived in Kitakyûshû City from Ishinomaki in Miyagi Prefecture. When the worker opened the plastic bag, there was a strong smell like a mix of soil and fungus. = May 22 at Hiari Tsumoru Izuru Base.Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka

As Kitakyûsyû City test burned the radioactive debris on May 23 the fear of danger for the citizens reached his pike.The day before in front of the gate of the temporary storage at Hiari incinerator plant (Hiari Tsumoru Izuru Base), dozens of people stood in the path of the radioactive debris to stop them being brought to the incineration factory.Most of these people slept outside in front of the temporary storage.

The police squad put the picket on their back behind the gate entrance as the day before. The trucks are stocked on the other side of the gate. "Move back, you are affecting our operation" official staff of environment agency of the city repeated like a broken gramophone.

" What do you have in the trucks? Please show us what is inside." Protesters didn't move.The police squad and citizens were glaring to each other for almost 30min. Then the police squad moved backward. It was not because they made a concession to the demonstrators but to put pickets and close the road.Behind the police squad, there was an another door for carry out.The trucks went inside the incinerator plant one after another. The day before the police squad forced people but today they faked out the citizens.  

A man who came from Kumamoto City the night before couldn't hide his chagrin. The last year he evacuated with his family to Kumamoto City from Koganeishi City in Tokyo. "I  evacuate to Kyûshû because i just wanted to protect my childen and i quit my work and we evacuated our home. But the radiation followed us. If Kitakyûshû burns the radioactive debris, the other prefectures will start to accept more and more. We can't just accept it meekly."警察隊とニラミ合う反対派市民。警察隊の後ろには瓦礫を積んだトラックが停まったまま。=23日午前9時前、日明積出基地。写真:筆者撮影=
Demonstrators and police squad glaring to each other. Behind the police squad the trucks loaded with debris were stocked.= May 23, before 9am at Hiari Tsumoru Izuru Base. Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka

Since early morning, the police squad set up a barricade at 500 meters from the incinerator plant and did not let anyoneenter expect the authorized ones. We could deeply feel the government's enthusiasm for burning the radioactive debris.
People who arrived after the sun was up couldn't even approach the incinerator plant.

A man who came from Yamaguchi City tried hard to appeal with a megaphone.
"Please protect the future of children. Please don't contaminate this place with radiation."
He works in agriculture. "My grand parents are also cultivating a filed. If the radiation is flying to the field, the vegetables we grow will get ruined" he said with darkening brows.
What citizens fear the most is health damages.

A man (in his thirties) just got married. His wife is 6 months pregnant. "I just protect our lives. I don't want my baby to get sick. Don't waste of human lives"! He was shouting and gave a mask to a police officer.

The day before demonstrators measured the radiation levels just next to the truck which brought the debris and they recorded 06μSv/h. It's the same value as indoor doze in Katsuo Village in Fukushima which is the planned evacuation zone.
Still the environmental agency of Kitakyûshû City insists that it's "safe". While demonstrators were speaking in chorus, about 100 citizens packed to the city hall to ask for a meeting with the mayor and the top officials of environmental agency.

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka & Miyako Suwa 

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