NAIIC (National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission) : Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan wanted to give the order to do the vent even if it could have caused confusion on-the-spot

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The Former Prime Minisiter Naoto Kan. He explained the context of that time with gesticulating. = May 28 NAIIC at Members' office building of House of Councillors of Japan : Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka

On May 28, The National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission questioned as a witness the Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan. "Vent" " Injection of sea water" "Aboad to Tepco's head office "…

The head man, who was said to have create some confusion at the site by using his authority, spoked about the anarchy at Minister’s office right after “3.11”.
Committee Masashi Sakurai (attorney, chief prosecutor High Public Prosecutors Office Nagoya original monitoring inspection for Defense) asked: "Why did you go to see the site directly"? Mr. Kan answered: "The most important thing is to know the site to make decisions for provisions. At the premier minister's office there were people from Japan Atomic Energy Commission and also people from Tepco but they were not at all talking about fundamental debacle of the situation."
Mr. Kan who is choleric couldn't stand it. If the Prime Minister comes, the site will be busy to support him. It must have been annoying for the workers of the electric generation plant who had been hard working to avoid the explosion. It is also said that it delayed the work and caused the enlargement of the accident. Mr. Kan didn't set aside this and blamed the irresponsibles from Japan Atomic Energy Commission and Tepco.
When Mr. Kan was asked on the front subject which got abounded theories about "Vent", he answered: 
"When i asked them Why you are running late for the vent?" they answered I don't know. I was in trouble. I thought it was necessary that i myself have to ask the responsible directly. Chief Yoshida and Vice President Muto were presence and they showed me the drawing of atomic reactor and i was told the situation. I told them: Please do the vent as soon as possible."Chief Toshida said Yes, sir. Even if we have to create the suicide squad. I thought chief Yoshida was able to manage it."
The other front subject about the injection of sea water, he answered,
"It is said that i said to stop the injection of sea water and that meltdown happened but in fact it was ordered by Ichiro Takekuro who ordered this himself. It was not Prime Minister's Office who ordered to stop the injection of sea water."
The proceedings from the moment of the outbreak of the accident until March 15 were projected in the conference room and Mr. Kan gave the answers looking at the projection.:Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
The story from the moment of percussion of Tepco's retreat of the site until the moment he aboard in the head office of Tepco is interesting in seeing behind the scenes.

"I think it was around 3pm on May 15. I was taking a nap and woken by secretary because The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry has something to talk. " Kaieda, The Minisiter of Economy, Trade and Industry asked me, " Tepco says that they want to retreat. What should we do?" I was thinking how this nuclear accident can be boiled over and how this can stop. There's six reactors and seven spent fuel rod pools. All those meltdowns by any bearing, i thought there will be hundreds times more radiation than for Chernobyl disaster.This is a war against an invisible enemy. I have to stop this by any means necessary.
When i heard the word retreat, I thought it couldn't be possible."
When i got a phone call from Shimizu, The President of Tepco, i said to him, It's not possible to retreat. Then The President Shimizu said: I understood."

Chairman of Tepco, Katsumata said:
"Shimizu the president of Tepco said that they won't retreat but he didn't decided it by himself, he just answered I understood when i asked him not to. So i thought it was not enough, i established Integrated Response Office and let Hosono (Former national security adviser) as terminate and resident, and i asked to establish it at Tepco and me as a chief of the headquarters, i said that and after one hour I went to the TEPCO and had the first meeting."
According to The Committee of NAIIC, Kiyoshi Kurokawa, there's no voice when PM Kan is talking on the videotape which was filmed when Former PM Kan aboard at the head office of Tepco.
At last, Committee Kiyoshi Kurokawa asked " What do you want to say to PM Noda and to the future Prime Ministers?"
Former PM Kan answered, 
"In previous times, Mr. Gorbachev of former Soviet Union said inside his memories that The Chernobyl disaster illuminated the reality of the economic cancer of all the structure of the country. It's the same for Fukushima Nuclear Plant Accident this time.
For me It seemed overlapped the process of how the militaries took the real power in politic before the war and the way Tepco and The Federation of Electric Power Companies mainly created what we call "Japan's Nuclear Power Village".
Tepco and The Federation of Electric Power Companies have took the real power in politics since 40 years and the critical experts, governors, government bureaucrats who were against the law of the Nuclear Power Village have been ostracized and excluded from the mainstream. Involved people have been protecting themselves and got into ostrich policy and have been just watching it.
I say this with sincere regrets.
The Japan's Nuclear Power Village without deep regret what they have done, they try to keep the real power on the politic of Nuclear Energy. I think the first thing we must do is to resolute from the bottom up and to demise this organized structure which looks like the armed services before the war and the structure of psychosocial structure.
It might help to demise the Japan's Nuclear Power Village to invite foreign organizations like The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in USA when the Japanese Government establish the Nuclear Regulatory Agency."

Of course, what he says is right. If he could have said this when he was The Prime Minister of Japan, he could have entered history book as a great politician. This is the power of domination of The Nuclear Power Village who never let it happen.

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka

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