NAAIC (National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission ) : The Chairman of Tepco, Katsumata imposes responsibility on Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet and on his own subordinates

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Tsunehisa Katsumata, the chairman of Tepco. His profile with upturned eyes glaring at others looked really heartless = 14 may at  Members' office building of House of Councillors of Japan Photo : Kyo Suwa 

The man who has been monopolized the Japan's Energy Policy was full of cunning today as well. 

On May 14th, National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission ( NAIIC ) who is investigating the cause of the accident of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant of Tepco, made a hearing of Tsunehisa Katsumata who was the Godfather of electric utility industries as a witness. 

In front of the chairman Katsumata who kept saying "I don't know this, I was not aware of that" there was no decisive factor at NAIIC's investigation.

It's well known that Federation of Electric Power Companies ( FEPC ) is a pressure group on the government of Japan. They water down the control by lobbying activity.

Commissioner Shuya Nomura ( Lawyer ) pursued the role of Chairman Katsumata as a factual leader of FEPC.

Nomura : Although there was a measure against the severe accident worked out by Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) after the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami in 2006, FEPC resisted and the measure was not realized.Do you know that NISA said to your subordinate (worker at Tepco)that " Blackout might happen " ?

Katsumata : I didn't know.

Nomura : NISA said that "it's quite important so please tell the top of the company", you should have heard of it.

Katsumata : This information stopped at the (nuclear industry) general manager and this is a problem to be solved in the future. 

At first he pretended "I don't know". Then when he was shown the fact he evaded by using the word "This is a problem to be solved."
Those responses shows how crafty he is.

He is also unequaled at avoiding his responsibility. When he was investigated about his responsibility, he answered unashamedly: "The responsibility is on the (nuclear industry) general manager." "That one is for electric power generation chief."

At the same time he didn't forget to criticize the government of PM Kan at the moment of the accident.
The Chairman Katsumata said clearly that "PM office should not have called Yoshida chief at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant".

On the other hand, when he was asked "If PM Office caused a problem at the scene (Fukushima Daiichi ), it's the Chairman's role to push back the problem?" Katsumata answered: "I can't push back an order from PM".
He thoroughly just never accept his responsibility. There must be tiger, a sly dog and a sly old fox living together inside him. 
"Tepco kept telling us that Mox fuel and earthquakes will never cause a problem." Commissioner Reiko Hachisuka who represent Fukushima Prefecture criticized the irresponsible response of Tepco.

Commissioner Reiko Hachisuka ( The Chairman of Ōkuma town Commerce and industry  ) who couldn't stand the way of Katsumata anymore took the microphone.

Hachisuka: "What are you the chairman of?...(Omission of a passage)...Your answers only sound like "I have no responsibility, I have nothing to do with it".
You avoid to answer about the pay for our damages. Why can't you just say: "It's my own responsibility". "Shouldn't you quit being the Chairman?"

Katsumata: "Yes, i will after the general meeting of stockholders".
Hachisuka:  "Please answer me with more responsible words"
Katsumata:  "Thank you for your opinion, important and quite tough."  

Someone laughed at him disrespectfully from auditorium. The Chairman Katsumata was irresponsible to the end.

Article byRyusaku TanakaMiyakoSuwa

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