"In Minamisoma City the rate of people internally exposed to radiation trends toward declining. " ...?

Original article from blog of Emiko Numauchi in Minamisoma on 17 May 2012: 

There's 67055 people living in Minamisoma City today.
There are a lot of people internally exposed to radiation.

But numbers of people who are really examined is 7814 adults and 1688 children.
In total, less than 10000 People. It's only sixth part of the population living in the city.
But yesterday the local newspaper Fukushima Minyu wrote on its front page with enlarged characters:
"In Minamisoma City the rate of people internally exposed to radiation trends toward declining. " 
They only used those numerical analysis. 
We are living in the places  where "the radiation level in the air " is  0.6-0.8  μSv/h  
The air radiation level near the houses closer to the mountains gets higher to 3.5 μSv/h .
From my place the distance is just about  two minutes by car.

Why Fukushima Minyu is writing this with enlarged characters ?
They purposely used the Minamisoma City's name.
I just switched to local newspaper Fukushima Minyu although i was a regular reader of Asahi Shimbun.

In Minamisoma, "City" is already reconstructed. 
The only problem must be "The health problem".
Furthermore, for adults, the examination is only for those who are interested. 
For the testing equipment, they can control the result as they like by the average levels, parameters.

Since this nuclear accident  happened and since i read what  Former Premier Ministre Kan says on twitter, I don't trust doctors. 
I have been told by doctors that it is "unknown etiology"...
Still doctors say that " It has no relation with the radiation".

Then what is the cause? They don't even try to determine it.
It's all the same for testing equipment. they can just control the result as they like by setting values.
I'm fed up with the local newspaper Fukushima Minyu.
That article is just for public relations....
I don't know by who they were asked to do the public relations but their article and numerical analysis are too poor...

Courtesy : Emiko Numauchi

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