NAAIC (National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission ) :The former Minister of Economy and Trade Industry Yukio Edano's sophistry was immediately pursued

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The former Minister of Economy, Trade Industry, Yukio Edano. He answered easily to the heavy investigation of the committee.=May 27at  Members' office building of House of Councillors of Japan Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
NAAIC investigated The Former Minister of Economy and Trade Industry Yukio Edano as a witness on May 27. 
Yukio Edano has said that "there's no immediate effect on health" and "there's no melt down" as a spokesman of the government at the moment of the Fukushima accident.

Mr. Edano has confounded the committee and the courtroom audience with some new phase of his astuteness and any rhetoric possible.
He confirmed his reputation to be a leader of sophistry. Commissioner Reiko Hachisuka (The Chairman of Ōkuma town Commerce and industry) who represents Fukushima Prefecture criticized Mr.Edano without hiding the despair of being led by the fake notice of safety of the government.
"We didn't had any informations. We evacuated thinking that what Mr. Edano said was correct. We just followed your word, Minister Edano, and moved to the right and to the left. We just followed your word which was: it's safe. We did what you told us."
"I wouldn't have stayed far from my home without my baggage if you only had told us about the risk of this nuclear accident. The residents think there's no immediate risk but there will be in the future. You also used the word just in case. Things like this can't be possible from here on. The government can't pronounce such a word to the victims of the disaster."
Against any expectation, Mr. Edano admitted the fault directly. And he apologized: "We caused so many inconvenience to the victims of the disaster. I think we should have give more useful informations to the people. I'm really sorry about the fact that i couldn't give the right explanations."
The questions and answers session about the response of the Prime Minister of Japan and his cabinet at the beginning of the accident continued. Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
Committee Hisako Sakiyama (Former Chief researcher of National Institute of Radiological Sciences) asked a question mainly about the fact that it was wrong for him to use the word immidiately when we think about the health of residents.
"Mr. Edano repeated that the level of the radiation caused by this accident is the same as an x-ray and is similar to a computed tomographic scan."* A Medical treatment is something one can choose but no one chose the radiation from the accident, what do you think about it?"
To this question Mr. Edano was in his element as a two-bit lawyer.
"I said it just as an example because i thought i should not explain the details to people who don't know at all what a microsievert means.There were not any other number symbols useful as a reference."
Committee Sakiyama pressed hard for the answer: "You could have compared it to the annual exposure dose." Mr.Edano answered brilliantly:
"Humans decided the standard for annual radiation exposure dose is 1m sievert. We had to use an objective value which is used for medicine and which exists in nature."
Committee Sakiyama still purchased the word "Immediately". "Did you use it to talk about acute disorder?"
Mr.Edano refused and explained that he used this word for three sort of orientations:
1. There will be no immediate effect for the health including even when one eats food which contains an higher radiation dose than standards.
2. There's no immediate concern for the health of victims who live the indoor evacuation zone. They can go out to bring the baggages because nobody brings food products to the area.
3. At least it's not the level of acute radiation exposure and low dose radiation will not cause any effect on health immediately.
Mr. Edano discussed only the low dose radiation exposure which doesn't cause any immediate effect on health.
It's a masterly excuse. Parents who are so scared of late radiation damages will certainly be mad to hear his excuses.
The false rumor of safety Mr.Edano promoted to the people from the beginning of the accident has made people distrustful of government and it's still ongoing.
It's normal that people don't listen even if the government explains to people: "It's safe. You don't have to worry" about radioactive debris.
Japanese are known to be goodnatured but they can't be cheated by the same person: the Democratic Government.

*The former Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry repeated three times to Committee Sakiyama : "It's the same dose as an x-ray" and five times: "It's similar to a computed tomographic scan"

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka & Miyako Suwa

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