Hosono The Minister of the Environmental Agency like to roll up the contamination from debris radioactive by heartwarming story

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal Article by Miyako Suwa 26.05.2012 

Goshi Hosono The Minister of the Environmental Agency: Talking about the emphatic method of connection to the stricken area and appealed to people's emotion by using extreme example 
"People pointed out that there's not enough explanation by the government and the way they noticed that informations are not clear. It was the bottleneck of understanding why we have to accept the radioactive debris all over Japan, i want to apologize again." Yesterday at the post-cabinet meeting news conference, Hosono, the Minister of the Environmental Agency apologized that there was not enough informations provided by this agency.His face looked like nod solemnly.
The Environmental Agency have refurbished their website since May 25. They put a video message from Hosono and they show every informations they got. They say that they are going to open an information easier to understand...Until today, the cities which accepted the radioactive debris beside the sites in Tohoku region are Tokyo and Shimada City in Shizuoka Prefecture. The cities who did test burns are Kitakyûshû City and Shizuoka City.May 23, without any explanation to the residents, the test burns of radioactive debris had started. The notice for the explanation meeting was inside advertisings coming with the free papers.
I asked to the Minister of The Environmental Agency: "The air doze radiation increased next to the trucks which brought over the radioactive debris. How do you explain such a phenomenon?"
"I'm sure about the safety. There's no fact like that."
Hosono The Minister refused everything.
But in reality the value has been increasing and it was filmed and the video is shown on the internet.
Without any respect the minister continued. "Those things can hurt the victims of the disaster. I put the debris from Minamisanriku City inside my minister office and i work there everyday. I often visit Ishinomaki City and i see the children making trophies with the debris." 
It reminds me his act at the Kyoto Station at the end of March. He raised the trophy high up in the air and said: " Does this trophy look dirty to you?"
"We have to think about the area stricken by disaster and burn the debris all over Japan." He repeated during the conference that he has visited the affected area several times.
"To help people in the area stricken by disaster, we must burn the debris all over Japan. This is the Kizuna (a bond). Why can't you understand?" He didn't pronounced it but he radiated an obtrusive aura. 
The Minister Hosono surrounded by people against radioactive debris at Kyoto Station. The placard "Don't bother the evacuation" recite the cross-section surface of debris problem.=End of March at JR Kyoto Station
Mr Hosono loves heartwarming stories. This is the easiest way to change the groundwork of the problem.
What he said at the news conference "Declaration of restoration from accident" at Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan on 20 December last year was impressive. 
He explained by analogy to "Fortunately, we reached the condition of cold shut down debt of the efforts by workers at the site of nuclear power plant" and in addition, he took out the story of an individual person: "A young nuclear plant worker…" and showed tearjerker Naniwabushi. (Today, naniwabushi is popular mostly among older people. Naniwabushi has also given the Japanese language the word "naniwabushiteki" (naniwabushi-like) which means to be overly susceptible to the feelings of love and duty.
But his favorite acting "Storyteller of debris" holds a contradiction. There's many citizens within people against accepting debris who had evacuated from Earsten Japan to Western Japan. There's also people who work as volunteers to accept evacuees.  
We can see the gist on the placards they uphold are routinely: "Western Japan as a place for evacuation." "No to accept the debris, Yes to accept the evacuees."

I can't forget the word of a man in his thirties who protested against to accept the debris at Kyoto station. 
"I really want to help people living in the disaster stricken area. I went there to work as a volunteer just after the disaster. But still i can't agree to burn the radioactive debris all over Japan." 
The Minister Hosono said at last: "There's many people who make efforts in Ishinomaki City. We must find the method to go through the clash of people who are against burning the debris."
But it's the Japanese government who makes this conflict happen. People in Japan don't trust the safety standard "Standard safety : Ashes for landfill 8000 Bq/kg is safe" which was modified after the disaster. 
But still The Minister Hosono is trying to appeal to people's emotion than to respect scientific explanation.
It is said that woman are really emotional and easily touched by heartstrings. But even for me, myself as a woman the act of Minister Hosono who is appareling to people's emotions look really anomalous.  

Courtesy :  Miyako Suwa

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