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Q. I am in my 60's office worker living in the west of Ibaraki prefecture. After 2011 the Great East Japan Earthquake, I was less worried about radioactivity effect for a while. At that time, I worked for a company in Tokyo.

The day in March 2011, I got back from a business trip for Kashiwa-city and I crouched down at Kanda station because of a heart pain. After that, I had also a nosebleed.

I simply thought that these were caused by infirmity of old age at first; however my skin was itchy which I had never experienced before.

In recent days, I read your blog and came to think that these might be caused by radioactivity. 

A few days ago, I bought a simple Geiger counter and found 0.23μSv/h at home. Now I am anxious to avoid internal radiation exposure. In conclusion, I wish you to put out a wealth of information about radioactive contaminations on your blog. Thank you.


A. Thank you very much for your comment. Now I am surprised very much that you found 0.23μSv/h at home!? That value means a high level contamination comparable in range to Higashi-Katsushika area including Kashiwa-city in Chiba prefecture.

Although I checked air dose rates of your town in the web-site named “Hakatte Geiger”, I did not find such a high value you measured.

I am just guessing that you would live in a single-family house. Now I recommend you checking to see if there are any contaminated spots in doors or not, especially around your house like roof and yard, and also you are in need of a thorough indoor cleaning. Dust cannot help but invading your house especially when there is a field around your house.

I confirmed that radioactive plume passed directly above your town from early in the morning to afternoon in Mar 15, 2011. I guess that just relatively-scarce radioactivity fluttered to your town because it was not raining. However at the same time, it is possible that radioactivity distributed in a patchy fashion around your town.

Although an early examination indicates that some spots have few contaminations in the west of Ibaraki prefecture, I do not think that all areas have always few contaminations, and also radioactivity has moved constantly day by day. 

This is my opinion that there is a suspicion of radiation exposure caused by breathing in the case of heart pain and nosebleed occurred in around Mar 15 and 22, 2011.

Would you have been giving a lot of attention to food and drink since those symptoms occurred? I would strongly recommend that you choose the ingredients of low-level radiation. If you would work still now, please stop going out to eat and pack your lunch.

Would your skin is still itchy? Beta-rays can be the cause of itchy skin. I guess you would already know that the United States carried out soil investigation and turned out that there was high level strontium in Kumagaya-city.

If it is itchy skin which touches bed linens, I suspect that beta-rays may make your skin itch. I would also strongly encourage you to consult with a doctor to prevent your health from deteriorating if you would notice certain symptoms. In case of angina, for instance, you would need to be careful not to do exercises stress your heart, and make an effort to lose weight in case of diabetes. Also it is very important that you have to consider moving them to uncontaminated place if you live under the same roof with infant children.

Anyway at the very beginning, you have to specify the spots of contamination and do thorough clean indoor. However, there are important reminders as follows;

1 Please wear a mask and goggle when you clean out the rooms.

2 You have to contrive ways to emit cleaner exhaust into outdoors.

Otherwise you may be exposed to radiation further more by cleaning up your house!

Please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have. Thank you.

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