The gods of death are lining up just around the corner over there If you want to thank your family for what they have done for you, it might be time to consider writing them a letter now

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April 17th, 2014 

It seems clear to me now that the health problems caused by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident will be more terrible than anyone has ever imagined. The reasons are as follows:

1. The radiation contamination caused by the Fukushima nuclear accident has reached a densely populated area.

2. In the Fukushima accident more alpha and beta emitting radioisotopes are said to have been  released than in Chernobyl.

3. In Japan residents have been made to remain in contaminated areas whereas in Chernobyl residents of areas with the same degree of contamination were moved away.

4. Restrictions on the distribution of food are not as strict as the measures that were taken at the time of the Chernobyl accident.

5. People are not told about how to avoid radiation.

6. In Japan serious irradiation through inhalation happened over a vast area at the early stage of the accident.

7. Health problems are appearing earlier than in Chernobyl.

8. Tsunami debris, general waste and cars that are contaminated by radiation have been transported and spread all over Japan.

9. In Chernobyl they managed to encase the reactor in sarcophagus in 7 months whereas in Japan 3 years after the accident radioactive matter is still being  emitted continuously from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

10. No one knows when and how the leaks of radioactive matter from Fukushima Daiichi will ever be brought under control.

11. The site of Fukushima Daiichi has turned into a bog of strontium; in dry conditions the contaminated dust floats off into the air.

12. Huge amounts of contaminated water were spilled into the sea and nuclides such as strontium and tritium are expected to be washed back on land mainly along the coast.

13. Workers at the site of the accident continue to be massively irradiated. 

14. Despite the probability of strontium contamination, seafood is being distributed and sold with hardly any checks for alpha and beta radioactive nuclides.  

15. Serious diseases could be caused by irradiation. However there is no systematic checking for early detection nor regular monitoring taking place. No medical treatment has been put in place for radiation-related diseases.

16. The Japanese medical body has little understanding of the health problems caused by irradiation.

17. People have little knowledge and understanding about the danger of radiation. Saving their lives should be their main concern but they don't think or act that way. 

My wish is to stay alive for 3 more years but I am starting to think that it might be difficult. Perhaps I should start expressing my feelings of gratitude to familiy and friends before it's too late. 

If I die suddenly, it would be impossible to do so.

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