Osaka agrees with Iwate Prefecture about the acceptance of radioactive debris

Original Text from August 3 at 6:37 local time Japan by NHK http://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/osaka/2004032831.html

Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City officially agreed with Iwate Prefecture today.
Osaka will accept high limit of 36 000 tons of inflammable materials like wood wastes until March 2014.
Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City accept the debris for the support to reconstruction and took the policy to participate to the disposal of broad areas and allowed the necessary budget last month in the prefecture assembly and city assembly.
According to this, Matsui, Governor of Osaka, Hashimoto, Mayor of Osaka and Tasso, governor of Iwate Prefecture signed a statement of mutual agreement about the disposal of broad areas today.
In the statement of mutual agreement, the high limit of 36 000 tons of inflammable materials like wood wastes will be accepted in Osaka and the debris will be transported by Osaka Prefecture by ship. The Mayor Hashimoto said: "I want to protect the safety of citizens in Osaka and make efforts for the reconstruction of Iwate Prefecture" and the Governor of Iwate Prefecture Tasso thanked him. "It will be a great mental support for the victims in Iwate Prefecture who are working hard for the reconstruction".

Osaka CIty will dispose the debris at the incineration facility inside the city and they will landfill the ashes in the artificial island at Osaka Bay Areas inside the city.
In November this year they will do the test incineration and after they make sure of the security, they will start full scale incineration in February 2013.

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