Debate session with Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes : The democrats were frozen when they were asked about "The human resource management of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission"

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 01.08.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/08/0004807

Taichi Hirano, promoter of "Twitter Demonstration" which makes the base of  Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes asked the loyalty test to the democrats.=July 31 at The hall of House of Representatives Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
"The phenomenon of tens of thousands, hundreds and thousands of people gathering together made this occasion. It's the first time in modern Japanese History" said Eiji Oguma, the moderator, professor of Keiô University (historian) in his opening speech. 
The meeting to protest against restarting the nuclear power plants in front of the PM's Office each friday has become an established custom. Politicians have no other choice than to listen to the voice of people who gather for the denuclearization without the mobilization of no organization. 
On July 31, promoter "Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes" and members of the Diet exchanged opinions over Nuclear Policy. The side of the politicians, a total of 11 people, democrats with views to the election adopted their slogan as denuclearization. And there was a non partisan group of lawmakers of "Zero Nuclear Power Group" who have been working for denuclearization for a long time. On the side of Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes, 11 people were also present.
Misao Redwolf, a member of Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes (designer) also makes a point about the meaning of the voice of hundreds and thousands of people, like Professor Oguma, the moderator. "Thanks to the big action in front of the PM's Office, we could organized this meeting".
Because of the politicians who don't listen to the people's voice, people started to take direct action. And more, it's the individuals who gather together who made a big wave, not the organizations. The democrats who are used to elections which depend on labor associations can't really understand the phenomenon.The word of Hideo Hiraoka, former Minister of Justice was symbolic. "It's possible to meet you as the representatives of the organizations, if you have a delegation representing organizations. If you want to meet PM Noda, why won't you think about those manners? This is the structure of the Japanese Society". He looked like saying "If you are the head of the labor association, i'll listen to you". It shows how the democrats are far away from the people and continue their politics without listening to the people's voice. 
It was not only me who was shocked by the word of the former Minister of Justice. Noihoi (pseudonym, employee) talked with his silent and strong anger. "Today i feel desperate to sit here. It's sad that you are talking about organizations or not. We gather in front of the PM's Office because we feel a sadness close to despair". The democrats were all turned off by the comment of Mr.Noihoi.
Democrats don't seem touched by the appeal of the citizens. = Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
Hirokuni Ozawa, a member of Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes (Independent business) pointed out more severely: "People of Ust and politicians are out of alignment. People are angry about the human resource management of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Ust is going to exploded soon and you politicians, do you know why? It was decided only by four cabinet members while 160 000 people are living evacuation lives…(An omission)…Politicians can't share people's sense of crisis".
Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan explained how the key person PM Noda is considering the situation. Former PM Kan called PM Noda to let him know about how this opinion exchange was going to be held. "PM Noda, do you know you are the target of people's anger?" "I didn't noticed it!". It deserves recognition that Mr.Kan talked sincerely about the response of PM Noda but for Anti Nukes members who are working for denuclearization by sacrificing their own works, the democratic party's regime is too carefree.
Taichi Hirano (member of Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes) exploded an uppercut. "Do you agree with the human resource management of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission or not? Please answer it clearly one person after another".  
The democrats were all frozen. The moderator tried to stop and said: "You should not ask it". Someone called out: "Why you can't answer?", "If you won't answer, it will be clear that the Democratic Party is hiding nuclear power". Because of the call out the democrats answered unwillingly. 4 of 6 people didn't respond but said "after i hear the discussion of the party". Only 2 people said they couldn't agree. That's why they restarted the nuclear power plants. 
Minoru Ide (member of Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes, Independent Business) squeezed out his voice in tears. "Who coordinates the meeting in front of the PM's Office? It's the Japanese Government. Because of they never listen to people's voice, it spreads more and more".
Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka & Miyako Susa

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