"Hosono, come out". Swirling anger for the human resource management of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 04.08.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/08/0004821

People rushing to the Ministy of the Environment to demand the call off of the human resource management of Nuclear Regulatory Commission = August 3 around 9:30 at Kasumigaseki : Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
Around 6 pm in front of the PM's Office. The meeting which has become a national event started with chant slogans of "Shunichi Tanaka, Resign!".
The human resource management of Nuclear Regulatory Commission with Shunichi Tanaka () as a president of the committee will conducted a vote within next week. Tanaka worked as main promoter of the nuclear energy as former Chairman of Atomic Energy society of Japan. On August 3, the first word heard from people who gathered in front of the PM's Office by the sense of crisis was not as usual "Opposed to restart nuclear power plant" or "Stop Ôi Nuclear Power Plant". On the sidewalk in front of the PM's Office there were so many placards opposed to the human resource management. We can say that today Mr. Shunichi Tanaka is the person who got a lot of attention in a negative sense. 
"Is there anybody in the demonstration who can agree with such a human resource management?" asked me with an astonished look a woman born in Nihonmatsu City in Fukushima Prefecture holding a "Protect life" banner. I answered: "Probably nobody", then even a police officer next to us said "It's impossible that there is somebody who can accept it". Even a police officer who controls the meeting finds that the human resource management of Nuclear Regulatory Commission is wrong.
The opposition of the public opinion would have boiled today if there were no London Olympics. But still the democratic regime never listens to the voice of the people. A member of the National Diet who met Goshi Hosono, the Minister of the Environment said: "Mr. Hosono admires Mr. Shunichi Tanaka's achievement of his decontamination work in Fukushima. He has asked to other people but everybody refused. Mr.Hosono is thankful to Mr.Tanaka for having accepted the decontamination work". 
A woman living in Kôriyama-City in Fukushima Prefecture met The Minister Hosono when she was visiting each room of the Diet Members' Office Building to file a petition to recall the human recourse management. Mr.Hosono responded: "We'll bring forward because it was already submitted to the National Diet" without changing his expression.
A woman living in Tokyo expressed her anger against the human resource management of the commission with a silent candle light = 7:30pm in front of the National Diet Building : Photo by Miyako Suwa
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is the extra - ministerial bureau of the Ministry of the Environment. Hosono has a big influence on the human resource management of the Commission. The direction of the anger was also on Hosono. Participants went to Kasumigaseki after they had finished the protest action in front of the National Diet Building. After they had been shouting for two hours in Nagata-chô. They must have been exhausted because of the heat and a humidity of 30 even in the night.
But the energy of anger didn't fall in decay. "Hosono, come out!", "Recall the human resource management!". The voice of protest echoed into the high rise building where the Ministry of the Environmental is. Among the people shouting intently, there was a woman in her thirties who has evacuated to Shizuoka from Fukushima. The woman became pregnant just after the nuclear power plant accident and five months later she moved to Shizuoka, the natal city of her husband. "I made sure if there is five fingers on the hands and the feet of my baby" she looked back on that time. "An impossible human resource management is going to be carried. In Fukushima, my parents and my friends who can't evacuate have been fighting against the radiation. The human resource management treats those facts as if they don't exist. I harbor my resentment. Mr. Hosono talked about "snuggle up to people in Fukushima", did he meant about it? When i think so, I really regret what he was talking about". Her voice was shaked by anger. 
The day people raised the voice of protest not only in front of the Ministry of the Environment but also in front of the METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) and the MOF (Ministry of Finance). People have started to surround the Government by sections. PM Noda might have started to feel the danger although he can't see that he is the embattled Prime Minister.
Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka & Miyako Suwa

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