Things You Should Know about Fukushima

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1. Leaking of radionuclides from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant continues. Additional fallout of radionuclides is detected even outside of Fukushima, for example in Kanto area. At a Chiba city sewage treatment plant, cesium is still detected, although at a lower level than before. 

2. In Kanto, because of the plumes containing a high amount of radioactive materials that were dispersed from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, the effect of internal exposure is big. In addition people have been taking in radionuclides through food. There have been many cases of various health problems. 

3. Population statistics show that after the Fukushima accidents, the number of births declined and number of deaths rose in contaminated areas.

4. In Ukraine, the number of births started to decline from the year after the Chernobyl accident, while the number of deaths went up slightly at first and quickly rose starting four years after the accident. In Japan, the number of births has already declined in large areas in eastern Japan. It's likely that the number of deaths will increase. 

5. When testing food, the lower limits of detection used in tests done by various local governments and compiled by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare varies site by site. In three quarters of cases, the lower limit of detection was higher than 25Bq/kg, which is too high. Material that exceeds 100Bq/kg is radioactive waste that should be strictly handled and isolated. It is poison, not food. 

6. According to the study by 'Safety of Our Food and Life' conducted in Kovalyn Ukraine, health problems become evident at 1.1Bq/kg in food and drink per day.

7. The difference of internal contamination between those who are consciously avoiding radionuclides and those who are not is evident in the results of relatively precise measurements of their urine samples. The former shows the levels around 1Bq/kg and the latter, around 4Bq/kg.

8. Radiation test results collected by a private organization in Western Japan show that food from Western Japan is not completely clean. Average contamination can be calculated as 1.7 Bq/kg. This level is very precise in this kind of test as compared to tests done by various local governments that had an ND limit of 25Bq/kg. For example, the amount of cesium in daily food is calculated as about 2.2 Bq [2.2 Bq per 2kg(average daily food intake) = 1.1Bq/kg]. This is just about the same level at which health problems become evident as reported in the Kovalyn study. 

Contamination of food from overseas is not always low either. 2.91Bq/kg of Cs137 is detected from maple syrup produced in Quebec Canada between mid March and April in 2011. Contamination is also detected in European jam.

9. I see a number of cases of sudden death among people who earlier visited a doctor experiencing some health problems but were told there was nothing wrong with them. There is no cure for radiation exposure. Taking supplements or chelate doesn't necessarily protect against radionuclides.

If you experience health problems without any obvious cause, think about radiation. Try not to take in radionuclides and go to a doctor.

But it's useless to ask a doctor about the radiation effects on your health. Doctors can't answer because they don't have knowledge of radiation exposure symptoms or how to treat them. You may just end up insulting him. 

There are a small number of doctors you can trust, but they seem to be very busy seeing a lot of patients. In contaminated areas the number of patients is rising and the day is close when the balance of supply [medical service] and demand [patients] will collapse. Then you won't be able to see a doctor when you want.

10. Moving to a non-contaminated area is effective to avoid exposure. Evacuation is the only answer to avoid internal radiation contamination by inhalation. 

11. Problems at Fukushima Daiichi haven't been solved at all, rather they are getting worse. It's possible that the buildings will collapse in the event of a big earthquake. We need to keep a close eye on seismic activity.

12. There is a lot of false information that everything is okay. Even a documentary manga that depicted someone experiencing nose bleeding was attacked by a governor and other politicians/government officials [who said the nose bleeding could not be linked to radiation]. This type of excessive response shows that the government plans to deny various health symptoms such as cancer, heart and brain problems, leukemia, etc., that will increase in numbers in the near future. 

We can't hope for the current government to improve medical or livelihood support. They hide information and tell people to avoid danger and survive on their own. They will discard the socially weak. They will send those who survived to the battlefield.

13. The number of sudden deaths among celebrities is increasing. Victims are those who are unable to avoid radiation exposure and those who refuse to listen to unpleasant stories. 

Ignorant people can only have an ignorant government. The current government was elected by the Japanese people. The future is not bright [if the people don't realize that they are the ones who are responsible for the current government]. 

14. Foreign media uses the phrase 'hell at Fukushima Daiichi.' Many Japanese people will suffer in the coming years.

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