“My leg is cramping up!” Some of paralysis and seizures are caused by cranial nerve disorder…?

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There has been an increase in the number of paralysis and seizures. Some of them are caused by cranial nerve disorder…?

My friend told me that he saw young workers at a construction site screamed “My leg is cramping up!” or “My hand is cramping up!” He asked me that those cramps would be a warning sign of heat exhaustion because it was hot day. Also he told me that their cramps lasted about for 10 minutes. 

About 10 years ago, I was riding my bike for 6 or 7 hours in the midsummer heat and my leg cramped up at last. As I noticed that was caused by shortage of water and mineral, I went to a convenience store by pedaling a bike just with one foot and bought a sports drink. After drinking it and taking a rest for half an hour, I completely recovered and went back home. 

Above workers could not have poor mineral because they drank water regularly before that and they recovered just after taking a rest. Of course some of their cramps could be blamed on the heat. However I suspect that would result from another cause because I heard that they had experienced the same cramps many times before, and also they lived in Matsudo-city and ate home-vegetables grown by their relatives.

Marshaling back data about “symptom caused by radioactivity” and “search keywords” in my blog, I realized that the symptom of poor control of his limbs was increasing.

I heard that limbs paralyzed and butterfingers had set up since quite early of Fukushima nuclear accident. I received many reports from people living in Tokyo who would have been deeply exposed to the initial radiation caused by the plume. One of them was admitted to a national hospital and resulted in unknown cause. There is almost no doubt that some doctors know such symptom is increasing.

The followings are symptoms I know lately;
・ left foot temporary paralysis, border between Tokyo and Kanagawa, male, early 60s (comment)
・ Suddenly I experienced a sharp pain with one foot and it was too painful to walk in July 2014, early 50s male living in Aichi prefecture (comment)
・ 60's, cramp in my leg, I can't stop coughing, feel sluggish (search keyword)
・ Suddenly I cannot move my lower body. (search keyword)
・ Suddenly he was completely paralyzed from the neck down and died several days later. (search keyword)
・ paralysis of the right side of the body, diminish the length of right arm (symptom of sailors who were exposed on The Reagan in Operation Tomodachi ("Friendship"))

Twins rode on the polluted car and were exposed… I am very sorry that their legs were paralyzed. I got this news in December 2011, quite early on. I was so surprised that I strengthened radioactivity avoidance. 

There is a well-known fact in Chernobyl affected area that accumulated internal and external exposure cause nervous system abnormalities. I heard the case that one doctor who was involved in medical care around Chernobyl had his central nervous system damaged, and his words in medical records did not make any sense. 

In the first place, gamma-ray energy is several orders of magnitude more powerful than human neurogenic electrical energy. For example, you might as well be in a house where many lightnings per second were around. If lightning struke you, nerve signal would completely stop for 10 to 20 seconds. You would lose mobility in your feet and arms. 

In this case, sometimes your limbs would recover if there was no organic problem with nervous system. On the other hand, you would never move your limbs if there was organic problem with nervous system caused by internal exposure.

There is a case that a Japanese pro baseball pitcher could not stay on the mound because of general paralysis. (Daily Sports, July 26, 2014)

I think dizziness is on the increase. This may be caused by nerve abnormality because dizziness is a sign of stroke. I received the report that one person saw a doctor because of awful dizziness. The electrocardiography revealed that he had heart irregularity. 

・ I am in my 30s suffering from terrible dizziness, Iwaki-city. I am wondering this may be caused by radiation exposure…? (search keyword)

Weak grip and butterfingers are on the increase in recent days. The first case I knew was tweets about his own physical symptom sent by one cartoonist.

Furthermore, one thing I recently hear is a decrease in brain function. The following comment was sent just a year and a half after Fukushima nuclear accident. Search keywords like “memory loss” and “persistent forgetful” suggest escalation of the situation. 
・ I often misdirected of package just a year and a half after Fukushima nuclear accident. I am worried that I am out of my mind… (comment)
・ I am so forgetful in my office, 2014, Tokyo (search keyword)
・ In adult, intelligence diminution, personality disorder, lack of motivation (search keyword)

I saw many tweets about symptoms which may be almost the same disorder as above ones.
・ My husband came back home late at night from Tokyo. He told me “I've got a rash”. So I told him to see his own dermatologist the next day. Then he said “I have never been to see dermatologist here before. Where is dermatologist around here?” I was very surprised because he went there once a month last year!!! What's been going on with him…? (tweet, July 25, 2014)
・ My husband lost his memory just after moving from Sendai-city to Kitakyusyu-city. I felt panic very, very much. He did not notice his memory loss and even now he cannot get his damaged memory back. Now then, it has not been going to happen since we came here Hiroshima-city. However I am still worried and I have to remember that this can happen to me, too. (tweet, July 26, 2014) 

We never notice such memory loss if it happen to us. Especially people living alone and have little direct contact with, please pay attention!!! Also unfilial child who never call their living alone parents will suffer great misfortune. They will be questioned by police for a long time because of their wretched parents…

By the way, I will notice whether I develop brain damage or not by checking the number of my blog access. Once I write incoherent and meaningless things in my blog, many readers would leave. After that, the number of access would dramatically increase when someone pointed out that I was a typical example of brain center disorder…

“I am feeling that many young people walk with a cane, ranged to 40s, Higashimurayama-city, Tokyo” (tweet, July 31, 2014)

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